September 2016


History of Slots

Today we revisit the history and specifically that of slot machines. This casino game proves to be the darling of gamers for several decades due to the simplicity of its rules but few people know the origins of slot games. So we will trace the history of slots through this article.


The first slot is from the United States, the city of San Francisco. It was invented in 1898 by Charles August Fey and dubbed “Bell Card”. Fey is a passionate mechanic automatic wheels that had already created its own model four years ago. In 1899 he revised the Card Bell to create the “Liberty Bell.” This new version has 3 reels and 5 displays symbols whose Liberty Bell which is derived the name of the machine. This slot machine encountered an unexpected success and the model provides a thousand different combinations, which is 100 times higher than other types of machines developed during the same period.


Despite the triumph that meets the Liberty Bell, Fey refused to sell the machine and it proved to be a costly mistake. New competitors by the names of Mills and Quail created their own version of slot machines taking inspiration from Liberty Bell. Though gambling was prohibited during that time, Mills decided to transform its creation to slots machines of candies in 1920. This is the reason why we still see fruit and candy shaped symbols on current slot machines. In 1963, arrived electromechanical machines created by Bally. This new model utilized the Fey mechanism. In 1980, the electronic slot machines were launched and several different types such as conventional roller machines, video poker or video slot machines.

Modern Slots

Today slot machines are available in various formats and are accessible easily; especially since the popularization of online casino with card rooms. Now you can play slot games anytime and anywhere from your computer, your phone or your tablet. You just need an interest connection and there you go. You can start participating in some casino gambling game by visiting some popular gambling websites like m88.

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The Psychology Behind Casino Games

Let’s face it. Nobody enters a casino with the hope that he will become a millionaire overnight. We all have heard stories of people going bankrupt because of their obsession with gambling. But did we see any decline in the number of people going nearby casino houses? Nope. Rather it is exactly just the opposite.

The popularity of casino games has skyrocketed in the past few years thanks to the emergences of numerous casino gambling websites like bet365 indonesia. Now, you might be wondering why so many people are spending on thing that does not offer anything substantial other than pure entertainment.

 Here in this article, we are going to try to understand the underline psychological triggers that make people spend more money on casino games.

 1# The Aroma of Success

 You might discard this as another conspiracy theory but the truth is some casino houses do pump in extra oxygen to keep the gamblers active. Sometimes, they also use sweet scents to make the players feel good and spend more time on casinos. As far as some studies are concerned, when a nice smell is sprayed on a particular area, slot machines of that area tend to 45% more revenue.

 2# Near Winning

 There is nothing that you can control in a casino game. In most of the cases, the outcome is random and skills often add up to nothing. But if the players always lose in the game, they will lose interest and might never come back to the casino. To fix this thing, some casinos have devised a new technique. The idea is to make the players feel that they are in control of the game. Near-misses are programmed into different games so that gamblers feel that they were about to win. It encourages them to spend more money in the hope of winning the jackpot. But most of those near misses are actually false flags deliberated done to hoodwink the players.

3# Use of soft Music

 Most casinos play soft music as it entices the players and makes them play for prolonged period of time. Some casinos only play those songs that make people go into a trance like state. Other than this beautiful music, the only noise that you can hear in casino is the sound of winning, joy and happiness. All these create a trance like state that eventually inspires the players to spend more time and invest more energy.

4# No Clocks

 Have you ever seen a clock in any casino? I bet you have not and there are reasons why you have not seen any. No casino owner would want their customers to remain aware of the passing of time. If people become aware of the passing of time, they will leave the casino on time and this might have a negative impact on the growth of the casino and its overall revenue.

5# Familiarities

 Have you noticed that most casino games have some kind of resemblances with some real life counterparts? You can even find casino games based on popular movies and there is a reason why casino game developers take cue from real life or reel life counterparts. When we see a game whose subject matter we are already aware of, it makes us feel good about it. This kind of familiarity makes players trust the game.

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Online Bingo

How to Find the Latest Bingo Bonus Games?

Bingo online games are fun to play. They come with beautiful games and bonuses which are very hard to resist. With the Internet, players can now play games at their homes itself. In this article we will find out about latest bingo bonus games. The initial sign up bonuses are the best way to play bingo games.

When you want to use the bonus all you need to do is make an account, download the software, and make the first deposit. Bonuses enable you to play bingo games longer and chances of winning rewards are high.

What Is Sign Up Bonus?

Sign up bonus is not money. It enables you to purchase bingo cards. When you have more bingo cards to use, the fun increases as you get to play as much as you want to. Apart from that using the cards enable you to play on series which are month long games which are a great way of making loads of money provided you win and play regularly.

The best way of finding the best bingo cards would be to make use of review sites like

What to Know Before Playing the Bingo Games?

Here are few tips which can help you play and choose the bingo games wisely.


• Play resourcefully. In the sense, bingo games involve money and are like gambling. This is when you will want to ensure that you play without spending all the money. Some days might be good where you win, but some days may be bad, where you can lose everything.
• Never join bingo sites without reading through review sites like The sites can offer you with plenty of useful information about the top bingo games out there. Players who have played on some of the best bingo game sites put their comments. Apart from that you can find out details about genuine bingo sites to join.
• Check out for the number of players playing on the bingo sites. A genuine bingo website will have several hundred players on their website. That is because they provide them with a secure mode of payments; they offer huge bonuses, and offer excellent games and series to play.

When selecting a bingo site, make use of these pointers.

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Betting Tips

Great Tips on Winning Consistently at Horse Racing

Horseracing is one of the most entertaining sports today and people from all countries enjoy this game equally. There are many reasons why this game is so popular among people and one of the biggest reasons is the thrill it provides. Trying your luck through horseracing can be very exciting and if you haven’t tried it till now, then you must soon. Betting in horseracing is common and everyone who comes to enjoy horseracing ensures they place bet, small or large, depending upon their capacity. For people who are busy with their office, can now easily place bet and watch the race online.

However, whether you are an amateur bettor or a professional one, there are few points you need to note very carefully about horse racing, which can push your chances of winning, in otherwise completely luck dependent sport –

  • Tracking horse racing results is the first step from converting to professional bettor from an amateur one. By doing this, you update yourself from the latest happening in the world of horseracing and not only that, you can identify which horse is good and which jockey is best, on whom you can trust your money with.


  • Online websites showing the latest racing results also provides background information on them. This allows the bettors to make informed decision as to which horse will help them to big win.
  • These daily horse racing results which are published on various websites, also contain a number of tips for people who are new to the sport. They provide guidance and direction to amateur people regarding placing bets and avoid making big mistakes, which they might regret later on.

With Sports Betting websites providing so many advantages to the bettors, more and more people have started to bet on daily horse racing. Along with the excitement that the game provides, the excitement of winning money, adds even more spice to the game. Many amateurs watch online horse races to get familiar with the format of the sport so that they can learn how to bet without spending a single penny to go and watch daily horse racing on the ground

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