Today we revisit the history and specifically that of slot machines. This casino game proves to be the darling of gamers for several decades due to the simplicity of its rules but few people know the origins of slot games. So we will trace the history of slots through this article.


The first slot is from the United States, the city of San Francisco. It was invented in 1898 by Charles August Fey and dubbed “Bell Card”. Fey is a passionate mechanic automatic wheels that had already created its own model four years ago. In 1899 he revised the Card Bell to create the “Liberty Bell.” This new version has 3 reels and 5 displays symbols whose Liberty Bell which is derived the name of the machine. This slot machine encountered an unexpected success and the model provides a thousand different combinations, which is 100 times higher than other types of machines developed during the same period.


Despite the triumph that meets the Liberty Bell, Fey refused to sell the machine and it proved to be a costly mistake. New competitors by the names of Mills and Quail created their own version of slot machines taking inspiration from Liberty Bell. Though gambling was prohibited during that time, Mills decided to transform its creation to slots machines of candies in 1920. This is the reason why we still see fruit and candy shaped symbols on current slot machines. In 1963, arrived electromechanical machines created by Bally. This new model utilized the Fey mechanism. In 1980, the electronic slot machines were launched and several different types such as conventional roller machines, video poker or video slot machines.

Modern Slots

Today slot machines are available in various formats and are accessible easily; especially since the popularization of online casino with card rooms. Now you can play slot games anytime and anywhere from your computer, your phone or your tablet. You just need an interest connection and there you go. You can start participating in some casino gambling game by visiting some popular gambling websites like m88.

Adam Svog

The author Adam Svog