The Psychology Behind Casino Games

Let’s face it. Nobody enters a casino with the hope that he will become a millionaire overnight. We all have heard stories of people going bankrupt because of their obsession with gambling. But did we see any decline in the number of people going nearby casino houses? Nope. Rather it is exactly just the opposite.

The popularity of casino games has skyrocketed in the past few years thanks to the emergences of numerous casino gambling websites like bet365 indonesia. Now, you might be wondering why so many people are spending on thing that does not offer anything substantial other than pure entertainment.

 Here in this article, we are going to try to understand the underline psychological triggers that make people spend more money on casino games.

 1# The Aroma of Success

 You might discard this as another conspiracy theory but the truth is some casino houses do pump in extra oxygen to keep the gamblers active. Sometimes, they also use sweet scents to make the players feel good and spend more time on casinos. As far as some studies are concerned, when a nice smell is sprayed on a particular area, slot machines of that area tend to 45% more revenue.

 2# Near Winning

 There is nothing that you can control in a casino game. In most of the cases, the outcome is random and skills often add up to nothing. But if the players always lose in the game, they will lose interest and might never come back to the casino. To fix this thing, some casinos have devised a new technique. The idea is to make the players feel that they are in control of the game. Near-misses are programmed into different games so that gamblers feel that they were about to win. It encourages them to spend more money in the hope of winning the jackpot. But most of those near misses are actually false flags deliberated done to hoodwink the players.

3# Use of soft Music

 Most casinos play soft music as it entices the players and makes them play for prolonged period of time. Some casinos only play those songs that make people go into a trance like state. Other than this beautiful music, the only noise that you can hear in casino is the sound of winning, joy and happiness. All these create a trance like state that eventually inspires the players to spend more time and invest more energy.

4# No Clocks

 Have you ever seen a clock in any casino? I bet you have not and there are reasons why you have not seen any. No casino owner would want their customers to remain aware of the passing of time. If people become aware of the passing of time, they will leave the casino on time and this might have a negative impact on the growth of the casino and its overall revenue.

5# Familiarities

 Have you noticed that most casino games have some kind of resemblances with some real life counterparts? You can even find casino games based on popular movies and there is a reason why casino game developers take cue from real life or reel life counterparts. When we see a game whose subject matter we are already aware of, it makes us feel good about it. This kind of familiarity makes players trust the game.

Adam Svog

The author Adam Svog