October 2016

Betting Tips

Bitcoin gambling – the rise continues

Just like live sports events that have seen a significant erosion of popularity with spectators who now prefer watching their favorite sports at home with greater convenience, BTC casino portals are seeing an influx of customers abandoning land houses.

Bitcoin powered gambling websites have several great technical advantages over ‘traditional’ online casinos, but people seem to be choosing the former for mostly being able to enjoy their favorite betting activities in an anonymous manner. Apart from it, thousands of slot machines, classical casino games, and sports betting markets are now available on the Internet, which pretty much negates the need to travel to another physical location for gambling purposes.

In case with sports betting, the industry of BTC bets on matches and championships has grown hugely popular among punters all around the world, with even collegiate-level US basketball events like March Madness having been able to boost their market extent to millions $, all thanks to introduction of Bitcoin wagers. That is absolutely natural, as bettors’ awareness of the new advantages and possibilities brought by the cryptocurrency, as well as their interest towards the latter, grow exponentially. Also, with the advent of the option to make multiple wagering choices, betting enthusiasts have received a fully-featured virtual space which enables them to take advantage of custom, oftentimes far more beneficial, odds offerings, and making bets against each other which was not possible before. Such new opportunities are more than life-changing for the entire industry.

Of no less importance is the fact such Bitcoin betting platforms are almost fee-free, i.e. there are no extra payments and commissions imposed on bettors’ transactions, which is just so unlike what you have to deal with when making wagers on sports using real-currency electronic payment methods. For Bitcoin sportsbooks, there is just no need to cash on you in such a manner, and a moderate two per cent transfer fee would do in most cases, while bettors using wire transfers and other payment methods of that kind have to live with up 20% exactions. Bitcoin also contributed a lot to the prosperity of the area of fantasy sports, letting bettors benefit from its advantages, and, as a result, leading to its significant growth over the recent years.

No less impressive is Bitcoin’s pace in the field of online poker which has seen the new beginning all thanks to crypto payments having been enabled for the huge worldwide community of virtual poker players, too. Ironically, there are too many people that have already realized using BTC for making deposits and receiving payouts in poker is far more efficient and convenient, but they are still afraid of shifting to BTC payments, despite the cryptocurrency being a recognized (and even official) payment method on dozens of poker portals these days, with prizes amounting to thousands bitcoins being at stake in various events, tournaments, and championships.

This being said, it wouldn’t be superfluous to remind players should only pay attention to trusted Bitcoin gambling platforms offering completely safe gaming/betting experience. Regretfully, the industry of Bitcoin gambling shares certain unflattering similarities with conventional casinos and sportsbooks in the sense you can still fall under threat of being scammed or swindled here. That is why it is important to follow the principles of safe gambling so as not to put your funds and sensitive data at risk. One good advice is only trusting your BTCs to provably fair gambling websites, as only thus you’ll be able to verify the fairness of your gaming outcomes.

Other than that, you should look for information on reliable Bitcoin casinos, sportsbooks, and poker platforms on trustworthy sources only, and never hesitate to ask for more experienced fellow players’ advice.

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