May 2017

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Your Guide to eSports Betting

One of the hottest new editions to the world of online sports betting is eSports. If you don’t yet know what eSports is, it is the phenomenon behind betting on video game tournaments.

Video games are immensely popular with players across the globe and are an activity that all ages enjoy. Gaming is fun for all levels of skill, but eSports betting is done at a competitive level. This brings new heights of excitement to spectators watching video game experts battling it out.

The players participating in the video game tournaments win large sums of money and the same is said for the potential winnings of bettors.

Video games have evolved since the very first release, and what was an innovative phenomenon back then, is now an out of this world phenomenal experience. Today’s games include technological wonders such as VR and AR technology and they just continue to get better.

eSports tournaments are watched live or online. Watching and betting online does give bettors a much broader arena, as there are many hours a month of tournament action to bet on.

Getting Started With eSports Betting

eSports betting gives betting enthusiasts another great opportunity to win big. There is no need to be an expert at betting, or even video games, but a basic understanding of wagering and eSports is necessary. eSports betting is much the same as any sort of betting, because knowledge is power and can give you the winning edge.

Online betting NZ sites and sportsbooks across the globe are increasingly offering eSports betting because it is fast becoming a very popular market. The sites should always be reputable and safe to bet at and, of course, should have a decent selection of eSports betting options.

Online sports betting sites that are highly recommended provide 5 star service in every way, from customer support to efficient banking methods and fast pay outs. Look out for the top sites that provide the best odds for eSports betting, and ensure that the site you choose is trusted, licensed and reliable.

Different Types of eSports Bets

Betting on eSports is much the same as regular sports betting, especially when it comes to the different types of bets available. Special props bets and exotic types of bets are also available, but these types of bets do differ from site to site.

Some examples of pops and exotic bets include which player will be the first get ten kills, win five rounds or get first blood. When it comes to these types of bets, shopping around for the best odds is crucial.

The betting types common to regular sports betting are common to eSports betting too, and these are the more popular types of bets found at almost all online sportsbooks that offer eSports betting. These bets include betting on which player will win a match, which player will win the tournament and whether a player will win by points more or less than a predetermined number.

eSports betting has taken the world by storm and whether it’s dota 2, LoL, CSGO or Overwatch, there’s always a game in play that you can wager on.

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