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What is a ‘push’ in sports betting?

Sports betting is a popular pastime for many people around the world now. This is because betting on sports brings more excitement toyour game of choice and brings you much closer to the action. It is alsosuperb for staying in touch with sports generally and having your finger on the pulse.

Being in touch with the latest sports stories is also afun way to fill time when games are not on. As well as sports betting sites, you could look at other websites online thatcarry the latest sports gossip. Crunch Sports is one such a site and is a fun place to catch up on what is happening with all the top leagues or teams. Easy to navigate and constantly updated, it is a top choice for many sports fans.

When it comes to sports betting though,what people enjoy most isactually making bets. Before you do this, it pays to know all the relevant terminology first. One term you might hear used is ‘push’ – but what does itmean?

What is a push in sports betting?

A push occurs when the point total or point spread reaches the specific number you backed. If a push does occur, then you would get back your original stake. It might seem complicated to understand, but an example makes it much clearer. Let’s say that the Miami Dolphins are taking on the Buffalo Bills in football’s AFC East. Current form might see the Bills a -10 favourite on the point spread or the Dolphins a +10 underdog.

If the Bills win by 10 points, both bets are a push and you get your money back. The same also applies if you were to bet the total (over/under) in the same game at 50 points. If the final score was 30-20 to the Bills, this would also be a push bet and see your money refunded.

How do pushes work for parlays?

Parlay bets involve taking multiple individual bets and bundling them together into one big bet – but how do pushes work in parlays?

This depends on the sportsbook you use. Each one will have itsown rules around what happens to a parlay if one of the bets in it is a push. Some might count it as a loss, for example, which would sink the whole parlay. For this reason, it is essential to check the terms that your sportsbook offers before placing a parlay bet.

Push bets are worth knowing about in sports betting

From the fivebest college sports to pro games we all love, sports play a central role in society. This is not only playing and watching them but also betting on them. If you like to bet on sports,it is worth getting to know about pushes in sports betting and how they operate. This not only means that you will become a much more knowledgeable sports bettor, but you will also be much more aware of what this term means if you see it around.

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