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Exciting AFL Betting Opportunities Online

AFL presents bettors with athletic, entertaining players, fast-paced game action and an array of first-rate betting options. As one of Australia’s most watched sports, bettors are able to take their pick of thrilling betting opportunities in both Match markets and Futures betting options.

The range of online bookmakers that bettors are able to make use of provide a wide range of betting odds and options that allow them to enjoy money-making milestones to enjoy throughout each game and season. Online bookmakers are able to present football wagers that cover many different aspects of the game, easy betting procedures, and excellent odds, and bettors on the hunt should make use of comparison sites to find their best bookmaker fit.

Standard AFL Bet Types Available

The most popular bet option for the AFL is head-to-head markets on individual games, and bettors will be able to access markets for these on each game, and every one of the teams. This bet type is a good option for bettors looking for a simple bet that allows them to support their team and make a few extra dollars at the same time.

Future AFL Bet Types

One of the main reasons for the popularity of AFL betting is that this sport offers an excellent array of ante-post AFL betting odds and types. Online bookmakers will present bettors with early odds on various events, like who will be named the coach for a particular team. There are also futures markets that get decided as each season draws to a close, with odds on which player will end up being selected for an award being offered as an example of this type.

Online bookmakers will offer odds on which team will end up securing the Brownlow Medal, who will win the NAB Rising Star, who will take the Coleman Medal home, and who will end up being the team named Best and Fairest, and bettors are invited to weigh in as they see fit.

Futures markets allow bettors to enjoy a long-term investment over the game’s season, and suit bettors who enjoy a particular player or teams’ activities.

AFL Finals Betting Types

Some of the biggest bets are the ante-post season markets that cover the total results of the AFL contest, with the most popular of these being which team will end up winning the AFL Premiership or Flag.

The earlier the bettor gets in on these kinds of wagers, the better value he or she will be able to get for the bet as the game’s season proceeds, with the odds shortening as the teams start winning their matches.

A great option for this group of bets is which team will end up making the Grand Final, and quinella wagers are recommended for those who are eager to name the two teams they feel will end up participating in one of the most eagerly anticipated football showdowns of the year. Quotes are available on team combinations for these markets, and this option offers bettors total control of their betting activities.

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