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What skills should I have if I want to be a sports analyst?

I know that the title talks of skills, but I would like to make this article about the general qualities that you need in order to be an effective sports analyst. The current era is filled with so many sports events that stem from the presence of a very high number of sports team and an increase in the number of individual sports that people can play. Every sport today has a major regional or international league that brig people from all over the world to compete. The number of people who are employed in the sports industry is also very high and what is surprising is that people who are actually involved in the performance part of the sports industry is very small. Other people do something else in the sports industry other than performance.

In this article, let us take a look at the qualities that you need in order to be successful as a วิเคราะห์บอล professional. You should understand that analyzing football is not the easiest thing and not everybody is cut out for it.


The sports industry moves very fast. There are so many games that need to be played on a very short notice and it is your work to analyze each and provide the necessary feedback. There is always work to be done before, during, and after a game. You will have to meet a ton of people and each of them plays a part in the final report that you will be required to produce. If you work for a sports team, you will be required to record a video whenever your team plays and then produce short video clips by the next day for analysis. The following day, you will hold sessions with the team and the coach to discuss yesterday’s performance. After that, you will be analyzing the next opponent for your team. There is simply just way too much to be done and you will spend a lot of your time on feet. That requires stamina and good health.

Computer skills

Being a sports analyst in the 2000s century is not the same as being one in the period before the 2000s. Analysts of the 1990s did not do much in terms of work. Basically, all they did was just to record games and provide the entire videos to teams managers for review with the team. Analysts never interacted with players and their contribution to the coaching style was very limited. Also, they hardly used any computers or digital equipment beyond a camera.

However, the situation I have described above is not what is happening today. Today, things have changed a lot and to be a competent analyst, you need to possess good computer skills because most of your work will be done using a computer. You will need a lot of knowledge in using computer software to do your work.

Communication skills

Like mentioned above, being an analyst today involves interacting with a lot of other professionals. You will work closely with the coach so that you exchange ideas and you provide feedback. You will also interact directly with players as a team and with individual players. Simply put, you will have way too much responsibility and interaction that you have to be a very good communicator to fit in effectively.

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