Online Gambling On Slot Online

In the era of technology, every good or bad thing has shifted online; on one side if we see this is very beneficial for local business, vendors, people from rural areas, etc. Due to covid every employment/non-employment sector had shifted online, and same applied to us another sector which has big-industry but invisible from the eyes of many people, i.e., the world of gambling. People misunderstand the term “gambling” as they think this is only for sports. In simple words, we say betting…

Match-fixing in online gambling

Match-fixing is not a rumor. It’s a fact but does not applyto the international tournament like the world cup. It generally applied in the small tournaments in which all the games had been fixed between the players. They will only follow the instructions provided to them. There were many online rackets that were busted by the cybercrime department in the last few months, and some people had attempted suicide because they were not able to pay their debt. Like gambling (not really, but they tried to involve you ), I came across another scam, i.e., slot online scam.

Let’s deep dive to now about this because lottery scam is something which is harmful to us as well as for our country; in this scam, many people receive messages from an unknown phone number and a different country code, and the message contains steps about how to claim your lottery price after they will call you and asked you about the digits which were written on the back o your sim card. Now you must be thinking,“ whyare they asking about that number ?”. Let me clear your doubt, the number written on the backside of the sim card is a unique sim card id. By stealing that number from you, the person who is on the other side of the call can make a copy of your sim card, and he will use that copied sim card for illegal work by using your identity. After all, you don’t know what he will be doing, where he lives, and involve if this happens to immediately give that number to the cybercrime department because your privacy is the priority over anything.

Be aware of the fake gambling sites and persons on whom you don’t trust.

Adam Svog

The author Adam Svog