Gambling And The World Of Gamblers


The glamorous world of gambling always appears shining like diamonds and stays alluring to every aspiring gambler. There have been so many famous personalities, who made their name by gambling. There are hundreds of famous gamblers who say that betting changed their life forever for good. The criticism this sector faces by society doesn’t shy away from reflecting on the lives of successful gamblers who won the arena of life against all odds. Thousands of Tv shows and movies are already made on the lives of such famous gamblers of all time.

Types of Gamblers:

Yes! you might not know about it but there are broadly three types of gamblers. Although there can be more categories too. But mainly these three:

  1. The Professional gambler: as the name suggests, these are the ones who have complete control over their actions. They don’t play on luck and predictions.
  2. The Problem Gambler: No need to clarify this either. Gamblers often become addicted to the betting world and find themselves involved in problems because of their inability to control playing.
  3. The Social Gambler: Casual, let’s hang out and play poker generation is called the social gamblers. They don’t play to win, but to spend time playing.

Famous Gamblers Throughout The World:

All through the world so many gamblers have successfully made their name and have a huge following. The world stays biased to gamblers. Although there are hundreds who won a good name for them and are seen respectfully by the societies. but the negativity that many have against the game makes it not so famous.

But this did not happen overnight. As with any other game, they all got the taste of success with hard work, patience, and a little luck on their hands. Here is a list of some of the most famous gamblers of all time:

  1. Billy Walters: Famous for his poor to rich and famous life, straight out of a movie.
  2. Phil Ivey: winner of 10 world series of poker bracelets.
  3. Edward Thorp: Famous for winning baccarat, roulette, and backgammon using his own found techniques, gave this mathematician edge over others. He wrote a book on his techniques “Beat the Dealer” in the era when computers were bigger than our bedrooms. He has a movie based on his techniques too. Beat his techniques by playing your best hand at
  4. Don Johnson: Businessman who won more than $15 million by winning in blackjack without using the common technique called counting cards.
  5. Doyle Brunson: Famously known as Texas Dolly, his wins are world-famous. He has 10 WSOP bracelets.
  6. Richard Nixon: straight out of a blockbuster movie script. 37th United States President is famous for playing to fund his political career.
  7. Phil Hellmuth: He won whopping 15 WSOP bracelets. He is famous for his book Play Poker Like the Pros.
  8. Chris Moneymaker: What’s in a name. He is famous for his entry into a poker world championship by winning his entry on the internet. He also got a book publishes named How an Amateur Player turned $40 into 2.5 Million at the World Series of Poker.


Gambling is a magnetic world. Technology has changed what use to be the charm of the world of casinos and gambling. Now there are thousands of ways one can play gambling tournaments and explore the various exciting games based on skills and chances. With the world being online anyone can access the world of gambling at their fingertips.

Adam Svog

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