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Why Contrarian Sports Investing Is Successful

As a result of this game, I was inspired to write this piece.

This is an excellent example of “contrarian investment” (in any market) in action. — “in the thick of things.” Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was backed by around three wagers out of every seven. It was even more “lopsided” earlier in the day, with a stunning 91% of gamblers backing the Colts. As a result of the constant assault on the Colts, the line started at Colts -2 (at CRIS), but it rose to Colts -3.5 at other “public bookies” (and even Colts -4). Initially, this game seemed to be completely out of place.

With Indy looming, how could Tennessee, in last position, hope to compete? Before Thursday night’s game, the Titans had lost five games in a row, and they had only scored one point. Checkout 90bola. Fans of sports, and especially those who wager on them, were salivating over this contest, wondering:

Having a competitive game is unnecessary. This should be a slam dunk. In a single game, Peyton Manning, a future Hall of Fame quarterback, has thrown for four touchdowns.

Manning had a couple of bad weeks, but he’ll be back to his old self in no time. Indianapolis made it to the Super Bowl last year (and has now been to two of the past four).

Tennessee is bottom in the SEC and has dropped its previous five games. “The route less travelled” and “betting against the public” were two phrases used often by members of SportsInsights.

NFL Square Play has selected the Tennessee Titans.

That’s when… The Colts had a 21-0 lead at that point, and it seemed as though the Titans were in for a long night. The Titans, on the other hand, rallied and kept the game close. Although the Titans were not threatening to win the game, their late score provided them a ‘backdoor’ cover ‘against the spread’ in the final minutes of the game (ATS). Contrarian sports investors were able to eke out a narrow ATS win as a result of this.

How can “David” defeat “Goliath” in the storey of the Hebrew Bible? Points Count!

Value sports investors understand that this is a business of statistics and profit margins, unlike the Indianapolis bettors who wonder how “that one got away.” The SportsInsights staff often talks about “point spreads as a wonderful equalizer” in articles and blog posts. Here are a few of my ideas:

The “favourite” often destroys the “underdog.” Click here to read the relevant blog entry. “… Truth be told: if we played this game 100 times, we’d definitely see 30 blowout victory for the team,” one of SportsInsights experts said (favorite). Still, “They’ve got a lot of firepower.” That Monday Night Football matchup between New England and Miami was a lopsided bet, with New England winning by a score of 41-14. Checkout 90bola to know about it.

The expert, on the other hand, said in the same blog post that this underdog would cover “against the spread” around 55% of the time.

However, this method is a “genuine advantage” that does not work all the time. Even though it can be quantified and generates income, profit margins tend to be small.

“How and why does contrarian investment work?” is a frequently asked question.

Despite the fact that most markets are very efficient, public perceptions may sometimes drive price out of line with actual value because of the real money at play.

Public views and betting syndicates have a significant influence on the odds in sports betting.

There is a lot of efficiency in the sports industry. Consider the aforementioned Colts-Titans matchup. Titans +2 was the opening line, and that’s precisely where the game finished! However, due to the relentless hammering of bets on the Colts, the Titans +3.5 line was established. Those who “bet against the public” have an advantage over those who “bet with the public,” according to this little piece of information that enabled contrarian sports investors come out on top.

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Collect different promotion and bonuses in the phone casino games

The phone gambling games have gaining popularity from one day to another day with a lot of attractive facilities in the entire platform. There are wide of slot games offered for people that make them huge entertainment. The players will get enormous bonus more than that of the traditional casino games. The gaming platform helps people with different casino game and that enriches the mobile slot games. These games can now be played effectively by downloading them to your smart devices.

This is completely free to access the platform will grab your attention with the attractive images and the videos on the platform. The gambling games in the mobile device are now providing a different set of games with a unique story on each platform. The games provide many jackpots and scratch card game that makes people continue playing their favorite game using the mobile phone.

The mobile slot machine games allow the user to apply bet on the opponent team. Even, the gamblers can deposit their money in their account with the help of their smart devices. Check all the games and choose the advanced version of the casino games in the online platform and have fun with your friends in obtaining a better experience on each gambling games. To have a greater experience in the gambling world, check the pgslot ฟรีเครดิต  and play the required time in an effective manner.

Make your payment using mobile phone

The casino games in the mobile platform providing different promotions in the name of offers and other bonuses. Many top players are obtaining a wide range of bonus and that encourages them to play the casino mobile games in a convenient manner. There are many people getting huge rewards in playing the mobile casino games which makes them pay their bill in an easier manner. Most commonly, the player will wait for a long time to make their bill as well as to play the next level of the casino game in this advanced world. This makes them wait for more number of time and they have to use the credit card and other details for a transaction. But now the online platform has made them even simpler pgslot ฟรีเครดิต than the traditional days. This means the user can enjoy playing the game on their mobile phone by paying the bill directly using the advanced facilities. Check all the features and facilities of the casino game in your smart devices and have fun in obtaining an excellent experience.

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Few Online Slot Myths in Thailand Casinos

People in Thailand frequently inquire about PG slot games and how they operate. While there are constantly new ones, some resurface from time to time. They have popped up in the mind of the majority of participants at least once.

Many of the beliefs on this list originated, before the internet age, in the casino halls of real casinos. As a result, there was a certain grain of truth in them. Fortunately, things have progressed, so let us examine some of the very common slot myths these days.

  • Casinos are rigged

If you have selected any legitimate casino sites that are licensed and governed by a regulatory body then there is no chance of rigging.

  • Slots are rigged

These online slots are software-driven and the developer has taken enough care to ensure the fairness of the online slot machines.

  • How can you assure that slots have not been “rigged”?

There are many people who are involved in regulating online slot games and you can be fully assured that they will not allow any rigging.

  • New games are better than old

If you have selected any trusted online slot game sites then you will not find any such issues. Read reviews before registering.  

  • A 9% RTP would mean that I will get 96% of the bets back

This may be statistically correct in the longer run. However, in the shorter term, things are not so clear.

  • Slots that have not paid out yet are because of a big win

You must consider slots to be entirely random. It is the fact that anything may happen on your next spin that makes them so thrilling.

  • You must avoid slots that paid out any jackpot

Even if a slot has recently paid out you a fortune, we cannot predict what it will do next. Remember that each spin is absolutely unrelated to the ones that came just before it.

  • You must bet at the maximum level for winning jackpots

Although there are exceptions, this is no more the case. Some slots have been launched in the past that could be won only if players wager the maximum amount.

  • Casino bonuses offer a less winning chance

This is not the situation with a legitimate, regulated online casino. Slots will have no idea actually where the credits came from in your account, so they react in exactly the same manner whether you are playing with free spins or your bonus money.

So, you should not lend your ears to all these myths, but play these games with an open mind.

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Important Considerations When Choosing A Sports Betting Site

No one betting website can be said to be “the best.” That’s because what is best for one bettor isn’t necessarily best for another. As such, personal requirements must be taken into consideration. While there are numerous great options you can choose from, you’ll find it hard to tell which football handicappers are right for you. Fortunately, we’ll share top things you should consider as you choose a sports betting site. These include;

Betting odds             

One huge factor you should consider is the betting odds. No sports betting site is willing to offer bettors the chance to win money on your real money wagers. That’s why you need to review all the online sportsbook options for The Best Bet On Sports before you buy football picks. This way you’ll find the most competitive odds. This also gives you the chance to benefit from your growing betting skills and the highest likelihood to win big.

Types of bets offered

Be sure to sign up for betting sites that offer various types of bets. By trying different types of bets you’ll identify your favorite one. Look for sites that are sure to offer you a large variety of bet types to capture your interest. Therefore, be sure to research as there are sites that offer unique and specific bets through live and prop betting. Even then, make sure you place money on the right game.

Banking options offered

When it comes to banking options, the two categories to consider are the payment methods accepted, and the deposits and withdrawal processes. To start with, you’ll need to search for a betting site that can accept different payment methods you intend to use when betting online. Some of the banking options a site should accept are PayPal, credit cards, and even cryptocurrency. As concerns the deposits and withdrawal processes, you might have to try a site out to find the suitable one. Note that withdrawing money for online sports betting accounts takes a little longer withdraw money than when you’re depositing money into it. Therefore, don’t panic if you don’t see your money after a day. Allow the whole process about two weeks before you contact your betting site’s customer service.

User interface

It can be frustrating if you get lost on a betting website if all you’d like to do is invest in a bet. That means the particular page you’ll need on the website has to be easy to access. For this reason, the betting’s site user interface site should be factored into your decision before using it. An organized, clean, and smooth-running website is what you should go for, particularly if they have a huge number of services. In addition to the user interface, another aspect you should consider is the user experience you’re generally seeking. That includes all areas from the site font color scheme to loading speeds.

If you rather do your research, always make sure that you’re following the advice from a reliable source. Above all, it’s important that you only bet on trustworthy and reputable websites

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Come to HomePlay to Play Free Casino Slots and Best Real-Money Games 24/7

The gaming industry in South Africa offers a wide variety of trustworthy online gambling establishments where players have a chance to put their good luck to the test and win real money by spinning the reels of exciting and profitable video slots. There is no need to travel to a nearby city with a land-based casino in it or wait long for your turn to play the machine you like – anyone with a smartphone can access hundreds of the world’s best games with just a few clicks – from any location and at any time of day or night.

Where to play video slots online in SA?

All that it takes to start playing and winning big is to find the most suitable and secure South African online platform that will allow you to enjoy your beloved casino games right from the comfort, safety, and privacy of your very own living room. And, when it comes to picking the most fantastic video slots casino in South Africa, there is no better place to visit than HomePlay!

HomePlay is one of the leading online casino websites in South Africa, entirely dedicated to video slots. Here, you will find games of every genre, style, budget, and complexity level – all designed by the world’s best-known and reputable providers, such as Novomatic, Amatic, Game Media Works, Onlyplay, and Play’n Go. The platform boasts an attractive design, rich but easy-to-use functionality, excellent customer support, and exciting bonuses for new and returning players.

Why choose HomePlay?

HomePlay is a comfortable and accessible modern online platform that will perfectly fit the needs of every player who loves slots. There are games for risk-loving high rollers, with dynamic gameplay, a complex matrix, and tons of lucrative bonus features. However, HomePlay also offers a great range of video slots best suited for novice players with zero experience and tight budgets.

If you are new to digital gambling in general and video slots, in particular, HomePlay is the best venue for learning the basics and perfecting your skills and strategies. The platform allows you to play free casino slots for fun, but it also provides a rich choice of real-money games for seasoned gamblers who prefer to get straight down to business and start making money from their very first minutes on the site.

Home Play is the safest and most popular online casino site in SA that aims to make every online gambling session an incredible experience that you will want to repeat over and over again!

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Betting Tips

The usefulness of sports betting websites for betting on sports

Today, the WWW has turned into a hub for many online sports betting websites or online sportsbooks and they all claim to render players a superb betting experience. The remarkable thing is every month fresh sportsbooks get launched and each one of them proposes highly enticing welcome rewards and bonuses for alluring countless bettors from all across the globe. A sports betting site doesn’t only spoil bettors for a choice but also escalate their hopes and aspirations from these sites. And so, bettors today have lots of choices.

There are many online betting sites, like 1xbet that are thriving in the market and they are also reaping rich benefits. And so, they are forming a distinguished reputation, thus, alluring countless punters regularly.

Starting a sports betting website

It is not a cakewalk to start a sports betting website as it needs lots of money, effort, planning, capital, resources, and funding. Therefore, when you are prepared to invest all these things into your business, you can start a sports betting website easily. However, besides checking the whole checklist that is required for creating a safe betting site, you must look at the mistakes too that many sports betting websites and established sportsbook owners do and so, they can’t move towards success.

The essential characteristics of an online sports betting website

Some fundamental and crucial characteristics that all the bettors hunt for in the reputed online sports betting platforms are:

  • User experience – Every bettor hunts for faultless user experience and they hunt for platforms that comprise clean interfaces and easy to use. And so, it is important to keep your platform clutter-free and easier to navigate and use.
  • Enticing welcome offers as well as bonus systems – Many online sports betting sites are enticing lots of bettors regularly with their highly enticing bonus systems and welcome offers. These sites provide bettors with an excellent start. When your marketing strategies comprise these things then you can acquire bettors efficiently well.
  • Mobile application – A bettor fails to access his desktop or laptop all the time and so, countless online sportsbooks have been investing their effort and money in responsive website designs and mobile applications. This makes the job of bettors to access the platform easy and also place their bets from anywhere and anytime.
  • Reputation and credibility – Marketing strategies are extremely crucial and so, companies do spend lots of dollars to bring awareness regarding their business. You must be mindful that reputation has a big importance in the industry of betting and establishing yourself in the form of a credible platform provider. This will aid you in gaining more and more bettors in no time.
  • Safe and secure environment – You must provide your bettors with a safe and secure environment. Again, you must handle their information with security and care. You must also comply with the standards of security that the industry has set.
  • Trusted modes of payment – You must give your users trusted and easy-to-use modes of payment. When you will provide them multiple choices and the liberty to utilize cryptocurrencies and fiat then they will be able to make transactions safely.

Every reputed site, like 1xbet, possesses the above-mentioned features and so, these sites have earned their places in the list of top betting sites.

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Best strategies to play baccarat

Playing baccarat on an online casino platform is fun. Although some players play it casually, others have a goal of winning the game. As an efficient baccarat player, you have to place your bets confidently. However, you must learn the best strategies and tips for playing the game- baccarat. Both luck and skill can make a difference in the result of the game. Still, some strategies and tips will increase your chance of winning the game at NetBet .

Flat betting strategy

The strategy lets you place a particular amount of bet in consecutive rounds of play. It is a highly advantageous approach, as the risk is low. However, how will you win more with the flat betting strategy? One of the best ways of earning profits is to identify the hand that will win. When the accuracy is higher than 50%, there is a chance of winning the bet.

Players like to choose the flat betting strategy for several reasons-

  • As you do not need to increase the bet size, there is a minimal risk.
  • You have an option for placing more bets without the concerns about big losses.
  • You do not need solid knowledge about the rules.

Flat betting is the right choice for novices due to its lower risks and simplicity.

Paroli strategy

The origin of this strategy can be traced back to 16th century in Italy. However, you can apply it for playing baccarat. Casino players also use the strategy for playing roulette and poker. According to this strategy, you need to increase your wager whenever you win the game. For instance,

Bet £10 until you win, and double it to £20. When you are a loser, you can stick to £10.

On the second step, you can bet £20, and then, after becoming a winner, you may bet £40.

Positive and negative progression system-

With the positive progression, your bet size must be increased after your wins. But, you can reduce the bet size after every loss. Positive progressions do not adversely affect your bankroll.

They will let you increase your winnings and enable you to control your losses.

On the contrary, negative progressions will be harmful to bankroll. You need to raise the wagered amount after every loss. As it is logical, several gamblers like to try this strategy. However, beginners must stay away from it. While doubling the bet, you may find a shortage of money.

Losses may happen at any time with any baccarat strategy. But, the most important thing is the way you respond to the loss.Never react emotionally to a loss. You must avoid increasing your bet after a loss. Moreover, it is safe to play the game for a limited session. When you do not get fun from baccarat, you can stop playing it. Furthermore, you can set your budget while playing real-cash games. Proper budget allocation will reduce the risk, and you can play any version of the game. Join the best casino to play baccarat and any casino game.

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Expected Gambling Trends In The Upcoming Year – 2022

Whether it is sports betting or gambling, online casinos are great and pleasing for all types of gamblers. There are different types of games including slots, blackjack, poker and more. So, let’s find out some of the greatest gambling trends that are expected in the year 2022.

The evolving world of online casinos

The industry of gambling is increasingly changing and rapidly evolving. They are up to blending themselves with various technological advancements. It’s all about giving the ultimate experience to the gamblers awaiting. People are moving out of brick-and-mortar casinos and switching to online versions like and many others. We can see this as an advantage of the global pandemic.

Employing artificial intelligence

When everything in this world is taking the advantage of artificial intelligence, why not online casinos? The innovation is one of the most significant in the recent stage, especially when it comes to online casinos. The industry is increasingly adopting the use of artificial intelligence and utilizing it more frequently. To this day, it is widely used in traditional casinos, the use of artificial intelligence is expected to increase in the coming year.


A number of chatbots are being utilised that are taking the help of artificial intelligence. These are so unique that one might mistake differentiating between AI and real people. Some new-age online casinos have already embraced AI so that they can serve their clients in a better way. The interactions are similar to humans and natural language is used to make it understandable. This is important when it comes to resolving any issue before actual customer care executives come into the picture.

Benefits of utilizing AI

  1. Machine learning is one of the most important parts of the concept of AI.
  2. It helps in analysing and interpreting all the generated data and increase the efficiency of a casino.
  3. The results shown in the online casinos are far easier to understand.
  4. Artificial Intelligence is more than important for boosting the growth of online casinos and to help them provide better service in the future.

Improved graphics of the games

Developers who are up to the game development profession, are increasingly taking the advantage of improved graphics. The genesis of improved graphics in the world of online casinos is based on increasing competition. The visual quality uniquely matches with the contemporary screen resolutions that are common to the devices we use on a regular basis. The trend is expected to move upwards in the coming year with further improvement.

Make sure to sign up with the best sites that offer an incredible experience of gambling. Sites like and others make it easier if you are looking for a seamless gaming experience. The verification process is easier and will take much of your time. Accessing new age games with improved graphics and robotic communication is just a click away. Choose your best game available, go through the rules carefully and enjoy winning the odds.

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Choosing The Best Games To Play

Playing games online is quite challenging. You’ve got to know how each game works and the techniques you will play through. If it is your first time doing such a thing, it might be tough for you to know what game to play. Take note that not all the games are the same. So, you’ll have to make sure that the game you’ll be going through is something that you love.

This chance will help you become a better player and win more opportunities. Always go with something that can help you grow and meet people. For instance, if you’re not familiar with online fun games, this time is the best! Get a chance to and earn your fortune in sagame66. If you heard of this match, then you are lucky! If not, you’re even more unexpected.

Play all games that you want, especially with sagame66. There are many more things that you can know about how things work here in this match. Let’s discover more of it here in this post.

Everything That You Need To Know

One of the best and most popular gaming camps in Asia right now is Sagame66. Lucky for you, we’re about to discuss all the things that you can discover here. It’s now or never!

This game involves a deposit-withdrawal system that you can try within 15 seconds. It is the fastest and best operation from all systems that you may know. Why? Because all services and staff are ready to help and reach out to you 24/7. In case you’re also wondering, there are Thai language support. Each representative can assist you.

No matter what concern you are in, all agents can assist you with their knowledge. There’s no need to worry as all these people have ten years of experience. So, you are safe and guaranteed to get the best services that you deserve.

Other Factors

The SA affiliates have a direct representative and gets accreditation. What’s more, there are more games that you can try online. That means you will never go wrong. Choose from the following matches like roulette, sic bo, fan tan, and more. Or, you can switch to dragon tiger, fish hunter, blackjack, and more!

This game also broadcasts 24 hours from the Philippine sites. There are great promotions, giveaways, and jackpots that you can catch. So, for those people who want to have fun and win prizes, you can do it all here! There’s always a freewill to play through online matches every day.

There’s also no gap between playing on mobile or a desktop. You can play anything that suits and comforts your taste. Whether you are on an Android or IOS, you can play the game all here with so much accessibility. Indeed, the game offers better options than any other match.

Install the app , and you can enjoy and get entertained anytime you like! Please share this information with your friend! They might also enjoy playing games here. Win a lot of prizes, and you’re good to go! Good luck on your playing journey.

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Terrific Strategies to Use to Win at Your Favorite Online Slot Games

Gambling has always been one of the most exceptional forms of entertainment today. It existed hundreds of years ago, and it still is very popular today in so many different counties. We evolved the various forms of gambling into what they are right now, and you can enjoy them as long as you’re legally an adult. And with the help of the internet and technology, you can now gamble online through a reliable online gambling platform. You can even enjoy สล็อตออนไลน์ at an online casino! And there are hundreds of them available for you to play.

Online slots are the virtual counterpart of slot machines, which you usually see at land-based casinos. But instead of waiting for the player before you finish playing, you can jump right into a game whenever you want. So if you’re a massive fan of online slots, you might want to check out the strategies below to help improve your odds of winning the game. Read on to find out more about these tips so that you can win!

Choose the Kind of Slot Game You’re Playing

Once you’ve found the online casino website you want to play online slots, the next step is to choose the online slot game carefully. No two online slot games are ever the same, so you have to make sure that you see the pay lines and know the RTP or return to the player. RTP basically means the money you get when you win, so you must choose the slot game with the highest RTP. There are times the RTP percentage of an online casino is the same for all, so it pays to check this too.

Practice with Free Online Slot Games

If you’re literally a newbie who hasn’t played slot games before, then you might want to start by playing on a free online slot game. You wouldn’t want to jump straight right into a game while using real money, especially if you have no experience playing them before. If you lose, it’s like throwing away the money you have. So look for websites that offer free trials for their online slots, or you can choose an online slot game that mirrors online casinos now. It’s the best way for you to know the basics of this fun and addictive casino game.

Always Stick to Your Budget

Finally, you must always stick to your budget. Most five-reel slots will offer you an automatic betting feature, where you get to spin the wheel for as long as you want. As long as your bankroll has money left, then you can continue spinning the reel. But you have to watch out because you might lose all of your money! So stick to your budget and don’t go over it. Always check your bankroll and don’t end up using them all because the game is fun, and you want to push your luck.

The Bottomline

The list above will help improve your odds of winning. As long as you remember what was mentioned above, you’ll be able to earn more while having fun. But if you do lose, take it with stride and better luck next time! Online gambling will not go away, so you have plenty of time to catch up with your losses. Remember, the main goal of gambling is to have fun.

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